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Utilities to use HCP and HCP-like data with nilearn and other Python tools

Parcellation labels

Here we summarize the labels and the corresponding numerical ids of regions of the parcellations included in hcp_utils. For details see the references in the package repository README. We start with the smaller parcellations ending with the largest ones.

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Standard CIFTI subcortical structures


standard parcellation labels

Yeo 7-region networks


yeo-7 parcellation labels

Yeo 17-region networks


yeo-17 parcellation labels

Cole-Anticevic brain-wide functional networks

These functional networks differ from the previous ones in the following ways:


ca_network parcellation labels

Multi Modal Parcellation MMP

To the 360 cortical regions we added the standard subcortical structures (ids 361-379). We exchanged the internal numerical ids between the left and right hemispheres for consistency with the Cole-Anticevic Brain-wide Network Partition.


mmp parcellation labels

Cole-Anticevic extension of MMP to a parcellation of the subcortical regions


ca_parcels parcellation labels

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